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My First Angular App
One of the Intermediate Front End Development projects for FreeCodeCamp is to build a Local Weather App, a single page app that uses geolocation and a weather API to show the current weather in a user's location. They recommend using the Open Weather API. Requirements include providing a button that toggles units between Celsius and Fahrenheit and setting a different icon or background image based on weather conditions...
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So Far in 2015
January: I commit to focusing on JavaScript and the FreeCodeCamp program. I even write a blog post about it. February: I get recommendations for Java learning materials and start studying Head First Java. Oh - and I write a blog post about it. March...
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Date Picker Part Two
Upon further examination, my wonderful date picker solution didn't work out quite as expected. It seemed to work fine in some cases, but other times the record would fail to save. This only happened in browsers that used the jQuery UI Date Picker. (Things worked fine on Chrome, which has a native date picker...)
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Cross Browser Date Picker
This week I learned that Safari and Firefox handle date fields differently than Chrome. Chrome provides a really nice, native date picker, and it ensures that entries conform to the correct pattern. Safari and Firefox don't support date fields and treat them as regular text fields instead...
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It's hard to stay focused when there are so many awesome out there to learn. I want to get into Wordpress and build mobile apps for iOS and Android. Swift is especially intriguing... I spent a little time exploring Objective C in a CodeSchool course last year, but I've heard that Swift takes its cues from languages like Python and Ruby that have a simpler and more readable syntax...
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Implementing Binary Search in JavaScript
This morning I worked through the binary search tutorial in the Algorithms class on Khan Academy. The concepts were familiar from when I took MIT's Introduction to Computer Science and Programming on EdX, but this time I learned to implement the algorithm in JavaScript rather than Python...
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