Eight Year Retrospective
My last blog post was almost eight years ago. A lot happened in the few months after I wrote that last post...
Developing the Hometown Tourist
I loved writing the Hometown Tourist, and it got great feedback from site visitors and community members. Though I haven't written an article for several years, the website continues to get a good number of monthly page views. I've wanted to get back to it for a long time.....
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Benefits of Being Vagrant
I had used Vagrant a little bit before, and this felt like the perfect opportunity to make it a regular part of my development workflow. Vagrant is a great tool that works with VirtualBox or VMWare to set up and manage virtual environments. I really like the idea of keeping my machine as clean and light as possible and having each project compartmentalized in its own environment. It should also help to build apps in a dev environment that closely matches the production environment...
Vagrant Virtual Machines
My First Angular App
One of the Intermediate Front End Development projects for FreeCodeCamp is to build a Local Weather App, a single page app that uses geolocation and a weather API to show the current weather in a user's location. They recommend using the Open Weather API. Requirements include providing a button that toggles units between Celsius and Fahrenheit and setting a different icon or background image based on weather conditions...
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