Wrapping Up Viking Code School

The first cohort of Viking Code School officially wrapped up last week.  It was a great adventure.  I got to help some amazing students experience an amazing amount of growth in 3 months.  I also got to build some tests for the VCS website.  The test suite runs pretty slowly, and I really want to refactor and add to it - but it did its job and caught bugs for us.  I built an RSpec demo, a simple Rails API for the students to hit, and some lesson content on the Decorator Pattern.  I even found a bug in the automated tests for a JavaScript assignment and got it fixed.  JavaScript is still elusive to me, so this felt pretty awesome.  I'm really thankful for the whole experience and everyone I met and worked with along the way.

I was also thankful for a chance to catch up on some much-needed rest over Thanksgiving weekend.  I took Thursday and Friday off.  By Saturday - I was back at my keyboard.  I spent most of the day on a new feature for the Here We Grow Lincoln parents' website. Then I spent Sunday re-doing Saturday's work after a stupid Git mistake.  Oops.

Yesterday, I started the Algorithms course on Khan Academy and joined FreeCodeCamp.

And I can't wait for Christmas vacation, when I can spend all day working on the Here We Grow site and an upcoming music site and Khan Academy and FreeCodeCamp.

And maybe catch up on a little more sleep...

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